Nevernight Release

I am elated to be able to announce the official release of my new Nevernight book sleeve. After almost selling out of the hardback size upon pre order release I have stocked up on this one as it is proving to be popular. The sleeve itself features the not cat himself Mr Kindly and shadow mutt, eclipse. It also includes one of my favourite quotes from the author: '

"The books we love, they love us back. And just as we mark out places in the pages, the pages leave their mark on us" - Nevernight Jay Kristoff.

Jay himself even called the sleeve cool (You can see this in the comments on my instagram photo) and then nabbed one for himself! I am blown away by the fact that Jay loved them so much he wanted one. A real 'pinch me' moment for Rebelscribe. This new sleeve, is available in both paperback and hardback size. The lining is a simple black and both the main fabric and lining are made from cotton, giving it a soft finish. I am hoping to do a giveaway of the whole Nevernight set, including the book sleeve so if you aren't already following me on instagram, hit that follow button and watch out for the giveaway coming very soon.

Click HERE to buy the nevernight sleeve.