About Rebelscribe

about rebelscribe
Tayler is a literature junkie who loves anything fantasy related and when she started getting involved with the bookish community on Instagram she spotted an amazing place to embrace her love of book fandoms and share her designs. One day she remembered that her sewing machine had been gathering dust for the best part of ten years, so decided to give it a clean and try to make a book sleeve to keep her books safe when she travelled. From that day forward, Rebelscribe was officially born. 
Tayler runs the shop completely on her own (with the occasional help from her very tech savvy partner) from her home and her love of books goes into every sleeve that she makes by hand. When she's not sewing you will find her in a comfy chair reading her favourite books, writing her upcoming novel or trekking out in the Scottish highlands where she lives with her boyfriend Joe, and her cat Logan.