Why Choose a Rebelscribe Phone Case?

Rebelscribe Phone Cases
When I first started stocking 'snap' phone cases on my Etsy shop in spring 2020, I thought these cases were more than fine. The print quality was good and customers who bought them did seem happy with them but there was always at least a small section on their reviews about how they wished they were a little more protective. So I listened to your comments and did some research and managed to find new 'tough' cases. These not only had amazing print quality but also good protection. Here's a little insight into what makes Rebelscribe phone cases live up to their tough name. 
Phone case
Rebelscribe phone cases are made up of two layers.
1. A hard plastic outer shell with premium print quality.
2. A rubber like inner lining made from protective silicone.
By combining these two excellent materials together, you can have protection without the weight and bulkiness of other mass market phone cases. 
phone case
phone case
More features include:
1. Casing around cable ports.
The rubber lining extends around the cable ports to stop damage.
2. Soft button protection.
The inner rubber casing covers all the buttons but are not stiff to ensure they are still easy to press down.
3. Raised Edges.
The cases have a raised edge around the corners and top sides to stop your screen from touching surfaces when you place it face down. I bought a glass screen protector from amazon for quite cheap and when combined with this phone case, I am more than happy that my phone will stay safe!

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