Frequently Asked Questions

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Book Sleeves

If you are anything like me, the slightest mark on a brand new book can make you sad! I used to lug around books in my rucksack only to find them battered and bent when I came to read them. A book sleeve can keep them safe, so that when they go back on display on your book shelf they are still good as new. They are also a great space to pop your keys or phone into so you can find them quickly inside your bag. 

Most of my book sleeves are designed from scratch on my computer on photoshop. I make designs for popular book and tv franchises. Once the designs are done they are sent to be printed onto fabric, usually cotton or polyester mixes. Once the fabric arrives I then cut them to different sizes depending on which books they are going to fit. I then sew them together on my trusty brother sewing machine which I have had for ten years now, and still going strong. 

Unfortunately I can no longer do custom designs for sleeves, however I can get your art or art that you have permission to use, printed onto fabric and make it into a sleeve for you. Head to my contacts page and drop me an email.


If you run a bookish shop/business and are interested in stocking some of my products I would absolutely love to hear from you. Click here to head to my contacts page and introduce yourself. :) 

If you are a bookish influencer, be that on YouTube, Instagram, twitter or even across multiple platforms then I would love to hear from you and why you think you would be a good fit for my brand. Head to my contacts page to introduce yourself and remember to include your engagement stats. I look forward to hearing from you!

Shipping & Returns

Head over to my shipping policy page to find out how long it will take to process and ship your purchases. 

Unfortunately I cannot offer refunds on products purchased unless there is damage or the item received is incorrect, so please take extra care to ensure you review your purchases at checkout. Head over to my refund policy page to find out more. 

Because the book sleeves are handmade and bespoke for every order, these take a little longer and are shipped using different postage options. It's for this reason that book sleeves must be purchased on their own, without other items. You can buy as many book sleeves as you like in one purchase, and then if you still want to purchase other products just do so separately. 

As all products are printed specifically to order, or in the case of the book sleeves, handmade, they are posted out when they are finished. This means items can often come separately to each other, but don't worry your other items will be close behind! The only exception to this rule is if you buy multiples of the same product, i.e two phone cases, or three book sleeves. These will always be shipped together.